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Rehab for the Addiction of Amphetamine

A medicine type like Amphetamine is used to treat symptoms like narcolepsy, attention deficit disorder, & morbid obesity. When the CNS (Central Nervous System) is stimulated which increase stamina and at very high doses a euphoric feeling. The potential for addiction & abuse is high while the side-effects of taking amphetamine could be desirable.

If yourself, or someone you care tremendously about, is addicted to amphetamine, it is hard to quit using. Symptoms of withdrawal sometimes fluctuate in severity (depends on the length of addiction) but include anxiety, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, and depression. A rehab program could give you an opportunity to recover due to the amount of support you receive while beginning treatment and undergoing withdrawals.

Adderall Addiction & Detoxification

Adderall contains Dextroamphetamine and amphetamine; both substances stimulate the (CNS) central nervous system. Referred to sometimes as a performance enhancer it’s now barred in the sports realm. The drug is still prescribed today medically for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and narcolepsy. There is a high-demand for the drug in the black market.

Adderall abuse could cause a tolerance to develop quickly. Meaning, the dosage has will be increased in order to experience a similar effect as the time before. This causes an addiction to occur which will ultimately lead to withdrawals when he/she attempts to stop using.

When you are addicted to taking Adderall, you can expect to experience up to eight-weeks of withdrawal symptoms when quitting. Relapsing is relatively easier during this period; however, entering a detox facility could help provide a sense of comfort and support as you start rehabilitation. Other people have low demeanor after quitting Adderall, and being in a calming atmosphere while this occurs could help as well.

Rehab for a Methamphetamine Addiction

The most harmful drug in all the stimulants is considered often to be Methamphetamine (crystal meth, ice, meth). Meth does not waste any time completely taken over the life of a person.

A challenge people experience when quitting methamphetamine is anhedonia, also referred to as the inability to experience things/events pleasurably that used to bring joy. Anhedonia experience is typically enough to destroy a person’s will to recover, and that’s why it could be beneficial to start treatment in a place full of support. The facility that provides help could provide a team of treatment specialists; therapists to make the transition to rehab easier. Anhedonia could only be difficult at the beginning of the rehabilitation of methamphetamine.

Rehab for an Addiction to Diet Pills

Morbidly obese people could be prescribed pills to be used for dieting under the instruction of a doctor. In this case, supervision is usually suggested as this form of amphetamine could lower the likelihood of an addiction, but it happens still. People that aren’t prescribed pills could view this as a fast way to drop unwanted weight so they look for the drug on the internet or from an illegal dealer. The potential of addiction is high even if the person intends to take the drug as a weight loss solution.

Admitting you have an addiction to diet pills could be difficult; however, starting there is a very important starting point on the road to recovery. Entering an inpatient rehab program could give you an opportunity to rebuild your life. It also means you are medically supervised, with your comfort kept in mind, while you navigate the withdrawal process.

If amphetamine addiction is currently affecting your life, reach out to our representatives for a no-obligation consultation regarding treatment opportunities. We can locate many inpatient rehab facilities that have specialists in amphetamine addiction, and we’ll direct you to the center that fits your unique circumstances and needs.

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