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Licensed Alcohol Rehab Centers In The United States

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Is Medical Detox Right for Me?

Determining a medical detox need depends on a few variables: the drug of choice, the amount, and usage interval. Detoxing yourself can be painful, uncomfortable, and at worse is deadly.

Medical Detoxification Centers work with us around the United States providing around the clock medical supervision. Our network of facilities have years of combined knowledge and experience to provide aid and a comfortable rehab.

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal is a condition that rapidly occurs and when treated incorrectly becomes life-threatening. Secure and safe rehab programs are most important when treating an addiction. Rehab centers are created to provide the support to patients that they need when recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, while also providing the steps to live a sober and clean life. The correct rehab program helps you through your physical withdrawals while providing medical assistance during this tough time.

It’s Harmful to Quit By Yourself

The serious effects of a self-detox differ based on the abuse history and individuals medical/physical condition. The detox risks for all heavy alcohol and drug users is dangerous and a self-detox shouldn’t be attempted. A sudden cease of alcohol and drug usage typical leads to heart attacks, seizures, strokes or even death.

Symptoms and Signs of Addiction

Identifying the symptoms and signs of addiction is imperative early in the alcohol and drug withdrawal process. There are some signs of warning to look out for if yourself or a loved one is suffering from withdrawals or you are scared that a family member or friend is:

  • Paranoia or Fear
  • Heavy Sweating
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Tremors or Shakes
  • Vomiting, Nausea, or diarrhea
  • Depression or Confusion

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